Nevada State Railroad Museum

Nevada Copper Belt Caboose No. 101

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Nevada Copper Belt caboose No. 101 was the first caboose on the railroad, but it didn't start out as that. It was built in 1892 in the Southern Pacific Sacramento shops as a standard 34 foot flat car, Central Pacific No. 58025. In 1910, the car was sold to the Nevada Copper Belt, overhauled in the Sacramento shops and lettered as NCB No. 152. Subsequently the railroad built an enclosed structure, like a shed, on the deck of the flat car and numbered it as No. 101, the first NCB caboose. Ultimately replaced by later, more traditional cabooses such as No. 3 in the Museum's collection, No. 101 was set on the ground as a shed in Mason. In September 1991, this car and a boxcar were moved from Mason to the Railroad Museum in Carson City for preservation, with the aid of the National Guard.

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