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V&T No. 27

V & T No. 27 inside the museum V & T No. 27 inside the museum

No. 27 pictured inside the museum.

Virginia & Truckee No. 27 was the last new locomotive purchased by the V&T, arriving in 1913 from the Baldwin Locomotive Works factory in Philadelphia. Like the other V&T locomotives acquired in the 20th century, No. 27 was not named. It was built as a freight engine, but in typical V&T fashion it found itself pulling all types of trains. After the mid 1920s, mixed passenger and freight trains were the order of the day on the V&T, frequently pulled by No. 27 and her twin sister, No. 26.

No. 27 was well liked by the V&T crews, and worked hard over the years. Its last major overhaul was at the Southern Pacific Sparks shops in 1940, where it received a steel cab from recently scrapped SP locomotive no. 1458. By 1948 No. 27 was in need of another major shopping. Short finances lead the V&T to retire it instead.

No. 27 pulled a number of special trains over the years, the earliest known being the Victory Loan train in 1919. In 1938 it doubleheaded with 4-4-0 No. 11 "RENO" on the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society special to Gold Hill and Virginia City, marking the end of that line. No. 27 returned from retirement for the last weeks of the V&T, including the last run on May 31, 1950. Donated to the people of Nevada, it was displayed in Carson City and Virginia City over the years. It has been cosmetically restored to its appearance in 1941, and is presently on display at the museum.

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